Agile Development Services

We develop and maintain web applications in a wide range of advanced technologies, with a team oriented towards agile methodologies for project management and development.

Our Company

Tucma was born of the will of its Franco-Argentine partners to build a company able to offer services of development and maintenance of web applications, in advanced technology platforms, for both the local and the international market.

We rely on the knowledge and use of new technologies, as well as on the experience gained through years of work as technology consultants, and the high training of emerging professionals from Argentine universities.

With a team that is highly oriented towards agile methodologies for project management and development, and strongly committed to quality testing and assurance, we are able to address the technology challenges our clients present to us.

  1. Tucma Software
    is created.

  2. We signed our first contract with MT Software (France) to rewrite the Java version of its product MPI (Modula Parapheur Intelligent), written in ASP.

  3. We deliver the first version of PDF Shrinker (large PDF files compressor) to the French company APPIC Services.

  4. We signed a services contract with Matamore Studio (France) to maintain and update the product Modula Demat (Java platform).

  5. We conducted our first HTML support and testing project for French multimedia consultant Altamys.

  6. We signed a services contract with Altamys (France) to maintain and update the product Documys (Java platform).

  7. We signed a development contract with Impleo (France) for the implementation of the Newspaper Ads Management project (Java platform).

  8. We signed a services contract with Legalbox (France), for conducting Application Tests and Quality Assurance on the product Legalbox LRE (JAVA platform).

  9. We signed a development contract with Altamys (France), for the implementation of the Electronic Signature of Contracts Project (Java platform).

  10. We signed a development contract with Altamys (France), for the implementation of Electronic Invoices Settlement Project (Java platform).

  11. We signed a development contract with Legalbox (France) to maintain and develop the product Legalbox (Java and Mobile platform).


Web and Mobile development

Our team addresses a set of technologies widely implemented in business, giving answers to different projects according to the needs of our customers.

The pillars of technology on which we rely are Java, .NET, C + + and HTML5.

These tools complement our work platform taking us in the right direction of the diverse kinds of projects approached:

  • Web based: Servlet, JSP, ASP.NET, Javascript, CSS3, Ajax, PHP, XML, Web Services, REST.
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Development environments: Eclipse, NetBeans.
  • Web Servers: Apache, Tomcat.
  • Testing: Selenium, iMacros.
  • Version Control: CVS, SVN.
  • OS: Linux, Unix, Win.

Application maintenance

We ensure the maintenance and development of our customers’ applications, according to procedures and rules defined in each case.

In the same way, we answer quickly to solve critical bugs, achieving a high rate of availability for our customers’ applications.


Our Quality Assurance area can provide a solution for the testing of applications testing.

We provide reliable, safe and accurate testing, so as to reduce the error rate and avoid wasting time and money. We provide a framework of processes, resources and tools that combines functional and technical testers, ensuring productivity and efficiency. We actively engage in the projects and commit to results.

Combining automated and manual tests, our work dynamics is based on the following:

  • Unit testing
  • Functional
  • Integration
  • Non-regression
  • Exploratory
  • Usability testing and UX

How we work

Our team is devoted to a working methodology that seeks continuous improvement, thereby ensuring the success of our projects. Using agile methodology Scrum for all our activities, the following stages describe how we do things:

  • Technical feasibility study of the project
  • Estimated time and investment required for the project
  • Work Planning
  • Development, Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Customer Validation
  • Release in different environments (test, pre-production, production)
  • Corrective and evolutionary maintenance

Our Project Managers are in charge of the project throughout its whole duration.
Also, fluid communication and collaborative work with the client, is a mandatory requirement for the execution of any project.


The following companies trust us and our services:

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